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Mad Donna - Survival Instinct

Contracted by Black library
Due Date: 1st October 2004

Why do a novel?
The old axiom is that everyone has at least one good novel inside them and I want to see if its true, I'm just unsure whether my first novel will be a good one. ;) I've written a couple of 10,000 word short stories for Black library in the past which I enjoyed doing, and I harped on about writing a novel for years - hence I took it as one of my first jobs for Red Star Games.

Is the novel related to the short stories you wrote before?
No, not even vaguely. Survival Instinct is set on the hive world of Necromunda and focused on a renegade noblewoman trying to survive among the dregs of society in the Underhive. I first wrought about this character, Mad Donna (originally a joke name that stuck) in the Necromunda supplement 'Outlanders'. See the original entry for Mad Donna here.

It's not about Space Marines then?

Survival Instinct Excerpt 1 pdf
Survival Instinct Excerpt 2 pdf