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Gaming Screenshot(s) of the Week
Snapshots from our gaming life. :)

News Update: 02.02.2006
Project X Eats Andy Chambers alive!

News Update: 23.04.2005
KublaCon, the Khan of Cons!
Yippee! I will be attending Kublcaon this year to help promo Starship Troopers in the San Francisco bay area, May 27-30th. This most excellent west coast convention has had me as a guest a couple of times before, but this is the first time I'll actually have a brand spanking new game out I can show off. The current plans are to run participation games throughout the show to demo the Starship Troopers rules with, fingers crossed, a couple of giant megabattles pitting MI versus as many Bugs as we can get painted in time�.

News Update: 31.03.2005
Projekt "C" Revealed!

News Update: 20.02.2005
I will be attending Leprecon in Dublin, Eire from the 25th to the 27th February to talk about Starship Troopers and play some games. You can find more about Leprecon here.

News Update: 20.02.2005

News Update: 09.02.2005
Interview with RAMPAGE Magazine

News Update: 26.01.2005
Recovered from worm, forums are back up, with all our old data recovered!! Praises to Komrade Marshall!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Marshall, our forums guy! :)

News Update: 17.12.2004
Survival Instinct Cover Art!

News Update: 30.11.2004
Hopper Sighted!

News Update: 03.10.2004
Andy's RSG Journal!

News Update: 26.09.2004
Pravda can exclusively confirm great news for spaceship jockeys everywhere!

News Update: 15.09.2004
Proejkt A - Mad Donna. Newly sanctioned rumour control updates! Approved inspirational texts!
Projekt B - Declassified! Content Revealed! First rumour control releases! Photographik content!

News Update: 06.09.2004
Red Star Games schmoozes at GenCon Indy, places 5th at the NecronomiCon GT, and even gets to Disney World between storms!

Andy Chambers
Occupation: Games Developer
Born: 20th October 1966

Andy Chambers developed a fascination for warfare at a very young age and, when faced with the impossibility of becoming an evil warlord in real life, took to gaming with a friend of his older brother as a passable alternative to incipient megalomania. Andy's earliest efforts at gaming involved battling with Airfix WWII tanks and troops and writing a set of rules after outgrowing firing matchsticks at opposing forces as a means of combat resolution. Endless fantasy battles, sieges and naval actions followed, all using rules based on the venerable SELWG Middle Earth rules. This led Andy into an unhealthy propensity for playing the forces of evil in the shape of Orcs and Goblins. This fascination for black icky things (and a grudging admiration for the good guys) has remained to this day.

Andy's youth was marked by an ever-diversifying interest in gaming, roleplay, re-enactment with like minded people and lots of "could try harder" results in school reports. In education Andy pursued a career in Art right up until Degree level before he discovered he didn't really like being taught it and wasn't particularly good at it anyway. After this he wandered the wasteland of unemployment for a number of years, sinking ever deeper into gaming in general and Games Workshop's Adeptus Titanicus game (by the redoubtable Jervis Johnson) in particular.

In late '89 Andy sent in a submission for White Dwarf, Games Workshop's monthly magazine, and though the article was turned down he was offered the opportunity to rewrite it according to GW's house axioms. Several rewrites later he was given temporary employment and due to a willingness to do any jobs required (including White Dwarf photography, paste up and making the tea) he eventually got a permanent job as a games developer.

All of Andy's initial work for Games Workshop was for White Dwarf magazine before graduating on to producing expansions and supplements for the 2nd edition of the Adeptus Titanicus game, Space Marine. Over fourteen years Andy worked in the development of all of Games Workshop's core game systems, culminating with 2nd, 3rd and 4th editions of the well known Warhammer 40,000 game, several editions of the Epic game, Necromunda, Battlefleet Gothic, and Codex books too numerous to mention here (see published works if you really want to know).

Still contributing to White Dwarf magazine in between projects Andy also developed the bizarre mutant power of always defeating his old mentor Jervis Johnson in "Battle reports" regularly published in the magazine, a fact often cited to this day, which is very harsh on Jervis becaue he's actually a very good player. Because no good deed goes unpunished Andy was then entrusted with running the Warhammer 40,000 games development team, recruiting and training a new generation of games developers to replace those now in cryo-tanks and adopting the suitably evil-overlord title of "40K Overfiend."

After fourteen years at Games Workshop Andy began Red Star Games in June 2004 as a thinly disguised tax haven for a freelance writing and games designing career. Contracts so far include a novel (maybe a series of novels), Console games design and more talk of miniatures game projects than you can shake a stick at.

Jessica Chambers
Occupation: IT Goddess
Born: 18th May 1978

When I was 17 and still in high school, the cute guy at the coffee shop across the street (Gary @ Sugar Shack) got me into watching X-Files on Friday nights. One day he sat me down and said, 'let me show you this new game� it's called Magic: The Gathering.'



I found the local game store, and Magic led to Dungeons and Dragons. (I can have a comeliness of 22? Hoody hoo!) The next thing I knew, I was spending New Year's Eve in a six player Emperor game that lasted over four hours and went straight through midnight. Game stores are known for coming and going, however, so when that one went, I hooked up with the new one where I did the seven-days-a-week, open-to-close game store job for the next year.

Driven by my love of the artwork on Magic cards - Blood of the Martyr was a personal favorite - I went to Origins '97 to meet Christopher Rush. I hooked up with the X-Files CCG group and demo'ed their game at GenCon that year. As I went to more conventions, I got to know more people, and joined up with Dark Edge Gaming. With Joe, Palmer, Ben and the gang, I attended many a con where I demo'ed different products and ran tournaments. Back at home at the game store, I was running tournaments every week, learning about Games Workshop, playing D&D, and trying to go to college.

I ended up ditching college to go for IT certification instead. Eventually, I moved to NYC and got a job as a programmer. I used my vacation time to continue going to the cons so I could keep "working" and spending time with the game industry folk. Two years in NYC, one in Boston and I moved to Seattle. I had a short stint at Cheapass Games which, incidentally, got me into E3 and helped me meet my future husband. I also helped Dan Tibbles get Cardhaus Games Tournament Center off the ground. I loved that place.

I met Andy at KublaCon '02, and we got married on July 4th, 2003. The rest, as they say, is a story...

best told over a drink.

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