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News Update: 15.09.2004

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Starship Troopers


Exciting news folks, Mongoose Publishing have contracted my services for their new Starship Troopers 28mm miniatures game. With a healthy range of plastic and metal models already underway its a project that promises to be a real joy to work on, and familiar territory for me. Of course experience tells me that balancing rules which pit men with nukes against hordes of bugs that rely on chewing you to death may strike some as a challenge, but I'm confident...

The core rules and miniatures are scheduled for release next year, with ongoing support planned to cover new equipment and creatures, plus new playable armies on a regular basis. Mongoose also plan to run an ongoing series of campaigns and gaming events set in the Starship Troopers universe to keep it free flowing and player interactive. Mongoose are currently finishing an Starship Troopers D20 system source book and their first graphic novel for the license.

The license from Sony includes the original Heinlein novel, the Paul Verhoven movie and the 'Roughnecks' CGI series which does a pretty good job of trying to span the gulf between the two other sources. I've always loved Starship Troopers the novel, and the movie is kickass too, even if it takes a lot of liberties with the original story) - burning starships, legions of non-human enemies, nukes and gratuitous violence and nudity, it doesn't get much better than that.

Would you like to know more?


So the other day my editor for Survival Instinct, Christian Dunn at Black Library, rings me up.

'What colour is Mad Donna's hair?' Quoth he.

'Erm, blonde,' says I, 'kind of dreadlocky.'

'It's not got any streaks of colour in it then?'

'It can have, it's supposed to be a mess of braids and dreads and things tied into it, trophies and keepsakes and all kinds of shit.'

'Oh cool, I was just talking to Clint Langley about doing the cover for Survival Instinct and he wanted to put streaks in her hair.'

'CLINT LANGLEY!' yelled I.

To put this in context, I'm terrible with artists' names compared to most. But I've read 2000AD forever and occasionally someone comes up who's so good you want to know who they are. Check out some of his covers here.

Most especially Scota.

And you can see why I'm happy.

Clint, if you're out there and read this, two things:

1. Get your own website dude, you could be making a mint selling off originals.

2. Whatever damn colour you want to do Mad Donna's hair, I will gladly alter descriptions to fit. You rock.

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