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News Update: 26.09.2004

Pravda can exclusively confirm great news for spaceship jockeys everywhere!

AndyC Contracts to Fanatic for BFG 2.0

Andy Chambers will be working on the BFG 2.0 rules with Matt Keefe of Fanatic for release sometime next year (?) Plans are afoot to make the new rulebook wider ranging than the original BFG, incorporating fleets of all races into a core rules system.

"Whereas BFG 1.0 was focused on Chaos, Imperial, Ork and Eldar fleets, the introduction of Tau, Necron, Tyranid, and Space Marine fleets has expanded the system sufficiently than a new version is not only desireable but necessary at this stage," Andy told us yesterday. "A new edition of the rules gives us the opportunity to unify all of these new elements with some mechanical fine-tweaking. We'll be including a couple of new rules that have been tested on the pages of Fanatic Magazine regarding attack craft and Nova cannon. This project is an extension of work already undertaken while I was still at Games Workshop. It is a great pleasure to work on what is probably my favorite GW rules set."