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News Update: 20.02.2005

Andy Chambers' Red Star projects info dump

Survival Instinct
Employer: Black Library
Role: Author
Description: Novel
Status: Novel is completed and now has gone to be printed. Easter release?
The best anecdote: This was definitely going through the final manuscript at the eleventh hour and substituting less offensive words for the original swearing - 'Frik' and so on - 168 substitutions. They originally told me that swearing was fine, honest! :P

Starship Troopers
Employer: Mongoose Publications
Role: Lead Designer
Description: Tabletop miniatures battle game
Status: Rules complete and going to printers in less than a week.
The best anecdote: Receiving a PDF of the final manuscript that was in no way final´┐Ż

PROJEKT C? Employer: Role: Core Rules Development
Description: Tabletop miniatures battle/skirmish game
Status: In negotiations. I can safely say its a fantasy based project.

Employer: Role: Description: Status: In negotiations, but if it happens this is probably the most exciting thing I've ever been involved in.

GW has shelved its plans to print a 2nd edition ruleset for Battlefleet Gothic, although I understand that it will still be available for download on the Fanatic site as pat of their living rulebook project maintained in the vaults. I am not engaged for any work on BFG at the current time and I don't know if that will change in the future.