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News Update: 06.09.2004

Red Star Games schmoozes at GenCon Indy, places 5th at the NecronomiCon GT, and even gets to Disney World between storms!

GenCon Indy 2004

We had a great time at GenCon Indy this year, and would like to extend a thank you to Peter Adkison for inviting us and running such a great show. This is a picture from the CCG Hall, right where you walk in. If you click the picture it will take you to a page of 'highlight' photos, basically the cream of the crop. The curious and/or crazy can email me about the other 300 or so photos I took. *wink*

Andy says: "It was a wonderful experience and I must say the con itself was superb, I've come out of it with a gazillion new contacts and some very exciting schemes afoot. I had some very entertaining panel time and a lot of loooong chats with avid gamers. I say again, Superb."

Andy also wants to gloat about his newfound Komrades over at The Red Star (comics). The forces of the revolution are getting stronger all the time. =)

As for me, I had a marvelous time. I got to meet a lot of new people, go shopping (we brought home a huge box full of gaming supplies!), and it was great to see my friends and "family." I love you guys!

NecronomiCon GT

A Warhammer Fantasy Grand Tournament held this year at the Disney Coronado Springs Resort Hotel. The location was gorgeous, the players were spiffy, and the hosts (Jason and Janner Holliday) are incredible people. Andy had a great time and even managed to place 5th overall (see now, wasn't that nice of them? ;)) We highly recommend The Necro for all your WHFB players.

Disney World

What can I say? I /love/ Disney. So I got Andy a 3-Day Pass and myself a 4-Day. I tried to show him the highlights: The Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, the Tower of Terror, the Indiana Jones show, and of course - The Carousel of Progress.

Andy says: "There's some really cool stuff there, as long as you run whenever you see someone in a furry costume - although to be fair I pitied the unfortunate 'cast members' Wearing 40lbs+ of fake fur in 90 degree heat. At least they let you smoke , which is more than the bloody airports let you do!"