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News Update: 06.09.2004

Red Star Games schmoozes at GenCon Indy, places 5th at the NecronomiCon GT,
and even gets to Disney World between storms!

**Kommissar's Commentary**

The Batman statue at the front of the CCG Hall.

For the Marvel Vs. Tournament, they made a special area for "featured matches."
I heard the first place prize was $40,000.

Arkham Asylum. One of the 4 sides of their HQ, very spiffy.

Mongoose Publishing! (Their booth babe is one of my best friends, and was
my Maid of Honor on July 4th of last year.)

Kerry and Todd of Twilight Creations. Famous for the ZOMBIES!!! games.
Look at that grin. It's infectious!

Some of the men at Iron Wind. We need more gamer bikers.

Jeff Menges. One of my favorite artists, he needs a thank you for being
one of the seminal people in my game industry induction 7 years ago.
I wouldn't be where I am today without him.

Scott Fischer. Another great artist, also known for his work on Magic: the
Gathering cards. I love his wardrobe.

John Zinser of AEG

Midnight Syndicate. They do CDs of background music for gaming. Awesome stuff.
I recommend "Gates of Delirium."

James Ernest of Cheapass Games.

After hours gaming, playing the new HeroScape game from Hasbro.

SciFANTASY. Stormtroopers == CLONING.

Andy setting up his army during the NecronomiCon GT in Orlando.

AT-AT! Awesome prop, lousy ride.

At the Indiana Jones show, Andy volunteered for US-sponsored FIP
(Friendlies Identification Program) with predictably tragic results.

Andy and me at the San Angel Inne at Mexico (Epcot). It was 90+ degrees all week.

Testing my theory I was born too late. And proving what dichotomy
exists in my relationship.

Andy demonstrates creditable revolutionary fervour.

See, even the tour guides at Innoventions' House of Tomorrow fit in.

"Available on the public market," he says. This jacuzzi costs as much as a brand new z3.

The Sony Aibo. Look at that little guy and tell me you don't want one.

The fountain in the middle of Epcot.

Disney/Epcot can be /gorgeous/.

Animal Kingdom's Safari... baby elephants!

A budding nature photographer I am NOT.


You can tell we're getting used to this transatlantic travel thing.
Look how happy nicotine makes us!