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News Update: 26.09.2004


A Song of Ice and Fire
The revolution is coming �to fantasy next. I can now reveal I've been engaged by Testor's in the US to create a set of miniatures-based fantasy rules for George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series of novels.

The Song of Ice and Fire stands at four chunky novels to date with more in the future, and is acclaimed as some of the best modern fantasy on the market. The world is gritty and dark, with much of the action set in the high medieval 'seven kingdoms of Westeros' with other threads winding their way through the far northern and eastern lands. Fantasy elements are limited - there used to be dragons but when they died out, magic more or less died out with them, there are no non-humans in Seven Kingdoms and most stories of their existence are fairy tales from the distant past. But�

Having read the four books myself I can say it is some of the best modern fiction I've seen; characters and dialogue are outstanding, locations and cultures vivid and well drawn, plot Machiavellian and brooding, witty repartee that's actually witty enough to make me laugh out loud� recommended.

For the game I'm working with aggression and discipline as the primary characteristics/dynamics of the system - movement, attack and defense all work from them. So, I've taken some ideas I worked with on Starship Troopers and pushed them in different directions to create something new. I want a game that allows fighting in ranks and individual skirmishing to have pros and cons, but most of all a game where numbers vs individual skill is a fine balance and where a 'hero' is someone who can maybe fight two or three people at once and not die. Maybe.

Ahh games designer dreams�