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Miniatures Rules (Tabletop fantasy)
The Game of Thrones

Contracted by Testors Corporation
Release date: 2006

Fantasy? What's the world like?
The game is set in the world portrayed by George RR Martin's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' series of novels. The Game of Thrones is the first in the series.

The world is very low sorcery, with no non-humans (well virtually none) no magic or fantastic creatures (there used to be dragons but they died out hundreds of yeas ago). Gritty realism is the order of the day with our heroes often getting maimed or killed off in spectacularly unpleasant ways.

What's the game going to be like?
Sensibly Testors is starting out small with a skirmish based game designed for 5 to 20 models a side. I've been working to advance some of the ideas I used in Starship Troopers and apply them in a Dark Age/medieval setting. Different models have characteristics for various things - move, attack, defense and so on. The most interesting and influential characteristics are Aggression and Discipline. These are discussed in more detail in the attached document.

The game itself will revolve around building warbands or raiding parties from different army lists to pit against each other, with campaign rules and long term progression (and heinous wound tables) for the survivors. You can find a thread discussing this here.

Other signs of revolutionary fervor:
George R. R.

A Song of Ice and Fire miniatures game ideas pdf