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Starship Troopers

The powersuit type is the main trooper in the game and will be prominent, the ones
from the movie are 'light' MI.

How the models are split into components. Looks like a lot of options! Time to break out the cement!

More components, only these make the models pictured below.

The 'Duck,' as they call it, is a support gunship walker
(renamed Chickenhawk as it is still funny but not as bad as Duck.
Perhaps we should go with pooma*!)

I really like the detail level. Gorgeous miniatures.

It is interesting to note that these models are in "3Up" scale.
When making plastic miniatures, the sculptor renders them at
3 TIMES the manufactured size (quite big).

'Ape' Marauders are the guys from the novel,
armoured gorillas with nukes and jump packs.
Bob's done a great job in rendering the models so far,
and I'm looking forward to seeing the Ape.

These are screen shots from the Roughnecks cgi series to show in comparison to the models. These extra pictures
have been culled from the TrooperPX site. We extend a hearty 'thank you' to them. Check out their other stuff.

* This is a reference to the Red vs. Blue dvd, where a group of people got together, took video of themselves "playing" Halo, and dubbed it. The "puma"
is a name suggestion for their new vehicle, but it is shot down by Sarge because he feels it is 'not a real creature.' Hilarity ensues.